Quail Hunts

Georgia is famous for its quail hunting and we have one of the best locations around.

Imagine yourself traveling through the scattered Georgia pines in a hand carved mule wagon behind some of the best bird dogs the South has to offer. We here at Trophy Quest can offer that to you. We take pride in having a first class quail hunting operation.

You are welcome to hunt behind your own dogs as well.

$315 for a half day/per person

$615 for a full day/per person

$815 for a full day/per person. Includes Meals and Lodging.

$200 per day for non-hunters. Includes Meals and Lodging.

What to Bring for Your Quail Hunt:

  • Must bring your own shotgun and shells. 20-gauge or smaller recommended.
  • GA Hunting License required
  • Camouflage clothing suitable for weather conditions
  • Comfortable boots suggested
  • Blaze orange required
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